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Develop your functional safety signal chain application with Texas Instruments

Factory automation has increased the need for functional safety in the industrial sector. Functional safety may be required across industrial applications such as factory automation and control systems. Functional safety is part of the overall safety of a system and depends on responding in a predictable manner to certain inputs or a failure state. In this webinar we will explore functional safety within the industrial market and share insights on functional safety development using an example signal chain application. 

Join this webinar to see examples of how to:

  • Kick start your application concept and create a qualitative concept FMEDA.
  • Develop schematics, including the diagnostics to help avoid dangerous malfunction of the application.
  • Review unctional safety relevant parameters results, such as the FIT rate, diagnostic coverage and probability of dangerous failure per hour, based on the components that the quantitative FMEDA has generated
  • Learn more about in-depth diagnostic methods to support common challenges.

Note: Please note that this presentation uses an example signal-chain sub-system for a 4-20mA analog input module implementation where a FS 2-wire sensor transmitter is connected to the input. For instance, this configuration demonstrates how to measure relevant process data, such as temperature or the level of liquid in a tank. However, this sub-system may also be integrated in other applications.

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Lars Lotzenburger

System Engineer
Factory Automation and Control

Lars Lotzenburger is a certified Functional Safety Engineer (IEC 61508), as well as a system engineer in the factory automation and control sector. Lars works to support customers worldwide regarding functional safety and PLC I/O modules. He joined the industrial systems team in 2015 supporting signal-chain reference designs. Early in his career, Lars helped develop interface drivers for ADCs and DACs before helping create the powerline communication business in EMEA. Since joining Texas Instruments in 2002, he has worked in both the analog and digital world, which has allowed him to better understand today's customer systems.

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