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Drone Building Tips from Texas Instruments

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Passionate about drones? Find out how to overcome some design challenges in drone building by receiving exclusive articles from Texas Instruments. Access TI featured products and reference designs. Meet a TI Program Manager, who talks about why he enjoys designing drones in an interview. Register now to download two articles with drone building tips from Texas Instruments.

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Solving Drone Makers' Design Challenges by Improving Flight Time and Battery Life

Maximizing flight time is a key design challenge for engineering drones. On average, most drones only fly up to 30 minutes; one-third have a battery life of one hour – provided there are ideal conditions and no payload. Faced with real-life conditions, the air time will likely be even less. That’s why drone makers are searching for solutions to enhance battery life and smaller, highly efficient technologies that extend flight time. As a result, TI has introduced two circuit-based subsystem reference designs, adding flight time and extending battery life to drones. Discover more about these two reference designs and how some of the newest TI products come into play. Simply sign up above and download the articles.

Featured TI Products

Reference Designs

Breakthrough Battery Management for Your Drone

The 2S1P Battery Management System (BMS) Reference Design transforms a drone’s battery pack into a smart diagnostic black box recorder that accurately monitors remaining capacity and protects the Li-Ion battery throughout its entire lifetime. Add gauging, protection, balancing and charging capabilities to any existing drone design and improve flight time.

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High-Speed Motor Performance for Propeller Efficiency

The Sensorless High-Speed Field Oriented Control Reference Design for Drone Electronic Speed Control helps electronic speed controllers achieve the highest possible efficiency and performance for speeds over 12,000 rpm (> 1.2kHz electrical), resulting in longer flight times, plus smoother and more stable flight performance.

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