October 16-17, 2019

  Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK

  Stand D10

Thank you for joining us at EDS

Thank you for visiting our stand at EDS and make it a success. We hope you enjoyed the show, found some inspiration in the products, services and innovations displayed, and had the time to attend a few conference sessions or practical workshops to learn more about the most exciting topics. 

Few trade shows in the UK are quite as broad as the “Engineering Design Show” (EDS), where suppliers and service providers from engineering sectors like Rapid Prototyping, Mechanical Design, Embedded System Development, PCB Manufacturing, Software Tools, Design Consulting and Component Distribution meet.

For Mouser, attending a trade show means having the opportunity to spend time with customers (and those yet-to-be customers) and find out what challenges they face in their day-to-day work. This invaluable feedback not only shapes the products and services we currently offer, but also what we’ll offer in the future.

With the engineering focus of this show, our goal is to help visitors:

  • Engage with new products from leading suppliers
  • Quickly build these into proof of concept
  • Learn from start-ups who have successfully done the above

New technology means differentiated product

Generally, wireless and sensor technology continue to be the most popular themes at the show, suggesting Internet of Things remains a key application for the industry.

For any new design, engineers need easy access to new technology that enables them to conceive of, and incorporate, advanced features into their designs and differentiate their product. Mouser enables access to this new technology by working hand-in-hand with suppliers, ensuring we have their new products available to ship as they are released.

One such supplier is Microchip, and for EDS 2019, Rob Graham, Senior Applications Engineer of this semiconductor manufacturer, was on hand to help visitors understand how their family of AVR and PIC-based IoT solutions make it easy to create a securely connected wireless node.

AC164160 AVR IoT. Source: Microchip

Rapid Prototyping means a shorter time to market

For any commercial design, time to market is critical, since any time lost is an opportunity for a competitor. Being able to quickly create a proof of concept and move to a functional prototype, could mean the difference between success and failure. To help visitors understand how modular development tools enable rapid prototyping of a design, Aleksandar Mitrovic and Petar Suknjanja from MikroE showed how their Mikromedia 7 Capacitive , combined with their vast range of Click Boards, make it simple for engineers to develop GUI-centric applications.

MIKROE-3620 Mikromedia 7 Capacitive, Source: MikroE

Developing for success

Being able to access new technology and quickly test ideas is crucial for product development. One company that has recently been through that process and successfully made it to market is the start-up, Automata. Their Eva robot combines compact size, a simple and highly innovative user interface, and a price-point not seen before in industrial robotics. The development of such advanced products depends heavily on the aforementioned access to the latest technology and development tools – something Automata’s Murray Humphrey (who was on stand demonstrating Eva) was clear Mouser provided for Automata.

Eva robot interacts with a vision system. Source: Automata


Away from the exhibitor stands, a number of practical workshop sessions took place, helping visitors understand key trends and technologies shaping future development. Two notable examples sponsored by Mouser were:

  • Smart Solutions for Complex Machines, a focus on Industry 4.0 challenges and solutions, presented by Jeff Barnes from Molex
  • µModules, presented by Diarmuid Carey of Analog Devices, focussed on how uModules can simplify system power design

As well as being informative, these workshops are approved and accredited for CPD points by the IED.

Testing ideas for the future

For Mouser, trade shows provide a valuable opportunity to engage customers in person – particularly given that we’re an eCommerce distributor. The feedback we gather keeps us on track, ensuring we provide products and services important to customers. For design engineers engaged in creating the new product, having access to new technology and development tools remains high on their agenda, so Mouser will continue to work hand-in-hand with suppliers to provide this. We give visitors a chance to win a development tool of their choice from a selection of leading suppliers. These giveaways help engineers test ideas for the future.

The Dev Kit prize draw has ended. Thank you for participating.

On Our Stand D10

Spin to Win

Congratulations to all the winners of our “Spin to Win” game.

Supplier Pods

A big thank you also goes to Microchip, MikroE and Automata for being at the Mouser stand and presenting their latest IoT and robotics solutions.

Microchip: PIC® and AVR® IoT Solutions for the Cloud

Microchip’s family of IoT rapid development boards makes it easy to combine smart, connected and secure designs. Learn how to connect next-generation PIC®  and AVR® MCU-based applications to the cloud. See light and temperature data transmitted from the board to the cloud or add your own sensor using the mikroBUS header to interface to MikroElekronika Click Boards.

MikroE: Mikromedia 7

MikroE’s latest multimedia development board Mikromedia 7 CAPACITIVE is a compact development board designed as a complete solution for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. Experience the Mikromedia 7 and different modules in one interactive demo, with a status screen displaying sensory values (i.e. voltage, acceleration, and ambient light), an MP3 player, a remote utilizing IR and RF connectivity, piezo-buzzer and RGB modules.

Automata: Eva Robotic Arm

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Eva is a lightweight, affordable (£5,000) robotic arm. It is ideal for applications like loading and unloading, material handling, packing and machine tending, and so small it can sit on a desktop. Users can learn to program it in just 15 minutes. Visit our stand for a hands-on demo and experience how easy it is to program yourself.

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