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Review: The ADALM-2000 (‘M2k’) Electronics-Lab-in-a-Box

The Analog Devices ADALM2000 Active Learning Module offers an easy-to-use introductory hardware platform for students of all levels and from all backgrounds. It's the perfect platform for learning a wide range of instrumentation applications. Analog Devices ADALP2000 Active Learning Program Parts Kit includes a large selection of components for creating a wide variety of useful analog circuits and devices. The kit creates a 2-channel oscilloscope, function generator, network analyser and more, along with amplifiers, sensors, data convertors, transistors, logic and passive components to design circuits to explore.

This exclusive article, available in English, German, French and Dutch, reviews the two kits and explores their capabilities using courses from the Analog Devices University Program. Download the article to get started and have some engineering fun.

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